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The District No. 95 community strives to provide optimal educational opportunities for all of our children.  It is our mission to prepare our students to become confident, self-assured, life-long learners.  It is our goal to ensure their success as citizens of the world.

School News

SEG Student Mail 5/19/17

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SEG Student Mail 5/5/17

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Also, please remember that elective request forms are due on May 15th.  All students were given one hard copy and they can be downloaded from the school news about electives below.  There has been no change to this process from last year to this year so please follow the same steps you have in the past. 

2017 Elective Request Forms

Click the grade level below for the elective request form you are requesting. 

2017-2018 6th Grade

2017-2018 7th Grade

2017-2018 8th Grade


SEG Student Mail 4/28/17


Please take time to read the materials included in this week’s email about the television show “13 Reasons Why” and the advice provided by the National Association of School Psychologists. 


Also, there has been a time change requested by the coordinators of Project NICE tomorrow.  We will be performing our activity between the hours of 9am – 11am at Ehlert Park.  Make sure, if you can, to bring a shovel!  Rain or shine we will hope to accomplish a great amount of work!


Elective Request forms for current 6th and 7th grade students went home today.  Please return the last sheet to your student’s homeroom teacher.  They can also be found on the school website.  The form is due on May 15th.   


Teacher Appreciation Week is taking place from Monday, May 1st – 5th.  The PTO is asking that students drop a note of appreciation in bags outside of classrooms.  Simple classroom items such as dry erase markers, pens, pencils, etc. are also being accepted!  Remember a simple note goes a long way to showing appreciation.  Thank you!


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SEG Student Mail 4/21/17

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SEG Student Mail 4/14/17

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SEG Student Mail 4/7/17

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5th Grade Transition Packet

Click HERE to download the 5th grade to 6th grade transition packet.  This document gives important upcoming dates for the 5th graders and outlines how elective classes are chosen at S.E. Gross Middle School.  The students were informed about how this process works and these dates on April 7th. 

There will also be an August open school date scheduled to go along with the July date.  However,  we are currently evaluating the summer cleaning schedule before it is set.  Information will be shared as soon as it is available.

Please contact the S.E. Gross Middle School office with any questions.  We look forward to the 5th grade students becoming part of our Warrior Nation! 

Thank you!

SEG Student Mail 3/24/17

Have a safe and productive Spring Break! 


Remember school resumes on Wednesday, April 5th.


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SEG Student Mail 3/17/17

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SEG Student Mail 3/10/17

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SEG Student Mail 3/3/17

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SEG Student Mail 2/24/17

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Think about “liking” us on Facebook to take a look at all the great things that are happening at S.E. Gross Middle School in the Warrior Nation!  What a great year it has been so far!!!


Please join us for a referendum informational meeting to learn more about the facility plans to address the continued student population growth.

⇒ Wednesday, March 15th at 7:00pm - Brook Park Multipurpose Room

⇒ Monday, March 20th at 7:00pm - S.E. Gross Cafeteria

SEG Student Mail 2/17/17

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SEG Student Mail 2/10/17

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Attention 6th Grade parents:

Please take note of the document enclosed in this week's packet about the informational meeting for our Outdoor Education program.  More information is to come, but this meeting is a great way to meet the staff that coordinates the trip and those from YMCA.  


SEG Student Mail 2/3/17

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SEG Student Mail 1/27/17

We are so proud of our Warriors for raising $2,600 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  Thank you to Builder’s Club for coordinating our efforts!


As a reminder 8th grade parents: Riverside Brookfield High School registration is Saturday, January 28th.  You received your time slot in your packet on Future Bulldog Night. 


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SEG Student Mail 1/20/17

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SEG Student Mail 1/13/17

Attention 8th grade parents.  In this week’s mailing you will find the date and time for the graduation ceremony.  More information about 8th grade specific events/field trips will be emailed home in the coming months.

There are many documents in this week’s email, please make sure to look through them for the many upcoming activities.

Please click HERE for the SEG student mail for 1/13/17.

2017-2018 Enrollment/Registration for New Students to District 95



Grades: Kindergarten through 8th Grade

(*New to our District)


This is not for Returning Students

SEG Student Mail 12/16/16

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During cold weather there is a higher rate of students being dropped off at S.E. Gross Middle School via car.  This can cause increased congestion around the school, especially on Broadway.  Those people who decide to queue their cars in front of the fire station, and perform a U-Turn, run the risk of delaying emergency personnel. 


A few suggestions:

  • Lincoln Ave. is available for drop off of students and is less congested than Broadway.
  • Those using Lincoln Ave. for drop off should consider continuing down Lincoln Ave. as an exit, instead of turning eastbound on Grand Blvd.Exiting that way will only increase congestion.
  • Any arterial street leading to S.E.G. can be used for drop off as well.


Please know that traffic has not been a significant factor.  Average wait time has been around 20 seconds and the highest congestion rate lasts a short period of time, from 7:55 – 7:57am.  This message is to simply act as a reminder and offer suggestions to improve drop off on especially cold mornings.  On these especially cold days we have opened our doors earlier.  It looks like after Monday we will begin a warming trend and see more seasonable temperatures. 

Winter Weather

Please be advised that students waiting for school to begin should arrive at SEG no earlier than 7:45am.  Students who are meeting with a teacher and have coordinated a time with the teacher may arrive earlier. 

In winter weather students are let inside at 7:45am when temperatures are below 20 degrees.  We monitor weather conditions each day to make the best decisions for our students.  Students are let in at 7:45am because there is adequate supervision for the 420 students that attend SEG. 

Please click HERE to see information provided by the National Weather Service on temperature, wind-chill, and frostbite.  When students arrive at 7:45 and enter the building at 7:57 there is no risk of harm in the 12 minutes they are on the playground.  Student safety is a priority, which is why we take into account this advice from the CDC. 

Finally, please assist us in making sure your student is dressed for the weather.  We have noticed many students coming without hats, gloves, coats, and wearing shorts.  After having discussions with students they are choosing not to bring these things, it is not because they cannot acquire them. 

Thank you for your assistance.

SEG Student Mail 12/9/16

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Please note that regularly scheduled board meetings will now be held in the S.E. Gross Middle School cafeteria on the first floor instead of the second floor conference room.

SEG Student Mail 12/2/2016

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SEG Student Mail 11/18/16

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There will be no mailing on Friday, November 25th


Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! 

SEG Student Mail 11/11/16

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Today S.E. Gross Middle School hosted its tenth annual Veterans Day celebration.  Thank you to all those veterans of the community that could be in attendance and thank you to all of our community’s veterans who have served our country. 

SEG Student Mail 11/4/16

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Please return your parent teacher conference forms with your student to their homeroom teacher.

Tuesday 11/8 the district schools are closed due to S.E. Gross Middle School being a polling place. 

The second Community Forum will be held on Wednesday, November 9th at 7:00pm in the S.E. Gross Middle School cafeteria on the main level.  For more information click on the link below: http://www.district95.org/News/256#sthash.xbox6SRL.dpbs

This year PTO is offering the SCRIP program as a fundraiser.  Instead of selling magazine, chocolate, or cookie dough (as in the past) you simply purchase gift cards for yourself or as gifts to the places you normally shop.  The PTO gets a percentage of that card purchase from the company.  Cards can be purchased instantly online.  Buying something on Amazon?  Purchase an Amazon SCRIP card before making that purchase on Amazon and instantly donate back to your school.  Information is enclosed in the weekly email.  Thank you for supporting the PTO and students of SEG! 

Mastery Connect Error

Good evening,

It seems that there is an issue with parent activation emails sent from Mastery Connect.  We are working with the vendor to produce a solution to this error.  We hope to have this resolved in a timely manner.  Thank you for your patience while we work towards the solution. 

Once in the parent portal we hope that you will appreciate the ability to see your student’s progress on a more regular basis on their assessments here at school.  Many have asked for the ability to see student’s performance on a more regular basis and we are working towards giving that ability.  Sometime technology is not our friend; tonight is one of those nights. 

Again, my sincere apologies for the error and I will continue to push Mastery Connect to produce a timely solution.

Best Regards,

Ryan Evans


S.E. Gross Middle School 

SEG Student Mail 10/21/16

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A Parent Teacher Conference form is attached in this email.  Please provide your three choices for conference times and return the document to your child’s homeroom teacher.  The due date...


SEG Student Mail 10/14/16

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SEG Student Mail 10/7/16

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Don’t forget to order SEG school clothing for both you and your child!  It’s time to paint Brookfield and LaGrange Park navy and gold!  The deadline is October 11th! 


Do you know that you can raise money for the PTO just by shopping on Amazon? Go to this link https://smile.amazon.com/ch/36-4226328 to designate the PTO as your charitable organization and then shop at smile.amazon.com. It’s the same Amazon experience but the PTO will receive .5% directly from your Amazon purchases with no cost to you. Sign up today!!

SEG vs. Lindop Soccer Canceled

Due to field conditions today's SEG soccer games against Lindop have been canceled. We are currently working on a makeup date for these contests.

SEG Student Mail 9/30/16

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  Reminder 8th Graders: Placement testing at Riverside Brookfield High School is tomorrow, Saturday, October 1st.
For more information click the link below:



            Attached in the weekly email is an order form for the first round of Spirit Wear for the 2016 – 2017 school year... (Continued by clicking below)


SEG Student Mail 9/23/16

Don't forget to become a member of the PTO!  Simply click the links attached in the most recent weekly email.  Also, the PTO is still looking for chairpeople and supervisors for many of their different events.  These events can not occur without your coordination and volunteerism.  Thank you in advance for supporting our PTO and students!

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SEG Student Mail 9/16/16

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SEG Student Mail 9/9/2016

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Curriculum Night

As a continued reminder: Curriculum Night is Wednesday, September 7th from 6:00 - 7:30pm. 

SEG Student Mail 9/2/16

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Two Important Reminders:


Don't forget to put Curriculum Night in your calendar! Wednesday, September 7th from 6:00 - 7:30pm. Explore your student's school schedule and hear about the enriching and exciting things they will be doing in each of their classes this year!




Please join our parent webinar on Internet safety presented by Detective Rich Wistocki of the Naperville Police Department.  Detective Wistocki presents locally to many school districts including those in Naperville, Western Spring, LaGrange and Hinsdale.  He is also a national speaker and has appeared on CNN, ABC, and NBC as a trusted consultant.  Please attend the webinar from the comfort of your home.  This topic is one that impacts all students and parents. 

RBHS Placement Test: Urgent

Good morning,

 This morning Riverside Brookfield High School sent each of their feeder schools an email outlining the process for 8th grade student placement tests.  They have asked that this information be distributed immediately because there are dramatic differences from past years.  By following the link below you will have access to their information. 


A few notes from that information:

  • The date for student placement testing is now October 1st.In the past testing was typically done in January.
  • According to RBHS there is NO makeup date so it is vital to have your student in attendance.
  • RBHS will now use the PSAT test instead of the EXPLORE test.
  • Online registration form must be completed by September 23rd.


Please click HERE for the .pdf document about the RBHS student placement exam. 

SEG Student Mail 8/26/16

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Soccer Open Field: Canceled

CANCELED: Soccer Open Field Event at Yena Park which was to run from 3:15 - 5:00pm. Field conditions will not allow play today.

Welcome Back 2016 - 2017

Please click HERE for the welcome back message that was emailed to all parents. 

First Day of School

Monday, August 22nd  8:00am - 1:00pm

Students should arrive on the large blacktop area where they will be greeted by their homeroom teacher.  Student's homeroom teachers are listed on their schedules.  Teachers will have signs for students to view so they know the teacher's name. 

School Supply List

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