Early Childhood Services (ages three-to-five)

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District 95 offers a continuum of special education services to meet the unique educational needs of the three to five year old students with disabilities. A range of available services is designed in compliance with the federal and state guidelines supporting the least restrictive environment in which services can be provided.


Preschool Screening & Referrals

District 95 offers developmental screening opportunities for children ages three through five. The preschool screenings are conducted several times per school year. Children are screened in the developmental areas of Language Development, fine and Gross Motor Development, Concept Development, and Vision and Hearing. For those children who are identified during the screening process as being at risk for learning and/or behavioral difficulties, a Domain Meeting may be scheduled for the IEP Team, including the parents/guardians, to meet together to discuss and determine how to best respond to the concerns observed during the screening process.


Children currently in Early Intervention Programs (birth-to-three years old)

A child may also be eligible to receive Early Childhood or other related special services as the child ages out of Child and Family Connections or another Early Intervention program. As the child enrolled in Child and Family Connections' Early Intervention program approaches the age of three, Child and Family Connections contacts District 95 and a transition plan is established among the early intervention agency, District 95 and the parents/guardians, in order to provide appropriate services without interruption when the child turns three.


Children transferring from another school district

The Early Childhood Education team reviews records and meets with the family of the preschool child who has participated in Early Childhood Education services in another district and is transferring to District 95. After the family establishes district residency, the existing IEP is reviewed and implemented as written by the previous district. Further assessment and changes may be recommended at the initial IEP meeting.


Services for students who attend Private/Parochial/Home School

If a parent/guardian suspects that their child who attends a private/parochial school may have a disability, they should share their concern with the private/parochial school's administrator. Likewise, for a student who is being home schooled, if the parent/guardian suspects that the child may have a disability, they should contact the principal of their school of residence or the District 95 Support Services Department.

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