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Special Education Support Team

Each school is equipped with a support team. This team is comprised of a group of technical experts who can address a myriad of learning and emotional concerns. This team includes the psychologist, social worker/counselor, speech pathologist, special education teachers, occupational therapist, nurse, a special education coordinator and the school principal. This team meets regularly to provide support to staff and recommends intervention strategies for teachers to implement. The Team may also initiate special education referrals when appropriate to determine special education eligibility. If a student is determined to be eligible for services, members of the Team, including parents/guardians, will participate in developing an Individual Education Plan (IEP) for the student.


Resource Program

Some students may need a specialized method of instruction for remediation of an identified deficit. When this is the case, the special education teacher may work with students in small groups to support the acquisition of skills in a specific content area such as reading, writing or math.


Self Contained Program

Some students need specific instruction in a more structured environment. When this is required, the Self Contained Program may be an option. In this program, students may require instruction to be presented based on their specific learning styles and academic levels. Also, instruction may need to be modified and presented through a variety of multi-sensory accommodations that would be difficult to implement in a large class environment.


Placements Outside of the District

On some occasions, some students may need a more intensive program than what is provided in a public school setting. District 95 works with many Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) Accredited programs that provide these services to students.

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