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February School Board Meeting

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Meeting ID: 876 4019 1867


Board meetings are conducted in person and have always been open to the public.  Previously, there never seemed to be a need to develop a vehicle to live stream our meetings as attendance at the board meetings is typically one or two people.  Given that we will only be able to accommodate 50 people in one room and it is reasonable to believe more than that may wish to be present to hear the comments, we will provide a zoom link for people to see the meeting.  If you do plan on attending, the Board meeting will be held in the BP large gym and you may access the building through door number 9.

Please note that if you wish to participate in public comment it must be done in person.  The zoom link will be for viewing only.  Further, know that public comment is limited, by board policy, to 30 total minutes and 20 minutes to any given topic.  Each speaker is limited to 2 minutes. Lastly, the Board does not respond to the public comment section nor do they answer questions that are asked during public comment.

If you wish to access the meeting via zoom, we ask that you keep yourself on mute and that you do not post any comments in the chat room.  The zoom link will be posted on our website at 6:00pm.  The link will be moderated by our Director of Technology.