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Emergency School Closing

Dear D95 Families:
Emergency School ClosingI take the decision to close schools very seriously. Careful consideration is given to several factors including data from the National Weather Service, wind chill, temperature, snow accumulation/timing of snow, transportation, forecast during the school day, building mechanics, and the ability to maintain our District’s sidewalks and parking lots.
In the event that weather requires me to close school, parents will be notified through a phone and email message from the District. We will also update this announcement on our webpage and the closing will be reported to the Emergency Closing Center (ECC). Although the ECC will publish the closing on local news channels, your first notification will be by way of the phone/email system. Please note that the link to the ECC is provided below.
Lastly, it is a top priority to always cancel school in a timely manner to allow parents the opportunity to appropriately plan. When school is called for cold temperatures, know that we can do that much further in advance, as cold temperatures are more easily forecasted than snow. When making the decision relative to snow, it becomes much more difficult as the number of factors that are involved. Nonetheless, it is always my goal to have that decision communicated no later than 9:30pm the night before the school closure.
Dr. Mark Kuzniewski