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Emergency School Closing/E-Learning

Emergency Closing Info - WHD 147


Dear D95 Community:


Should we need to call an emergency day (i.e. snow day)  we will implement our E-Learning plan to account for that day's instruction.  No days will need to be made up at the end of the year, unless we need more than 5 days as the law only allows E-Learning for up to 5 days.  Students will be engaged both synchronously and asynchronously throughout the day.  The full E-Learning plan is available on this page.  More specific, detailed information will be provided no later than 9:00am the day of E-Learning by your child’s school and/or teacher.


I realize that the timing of the decision to use an emergency day is an important topic.  Know that many factors go into the decision making process.  It will always be my goal to provide you with a decision no later than 9:00 pm the evening before.  Please know it is easier to make that decision in the case of cold weather as it is easily predictable.  The use of an emergency day based on snowfall sometimes may require a later decision. 




Dr. Mark Kuzniewski