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Thank you for visiting the classwork, homework, and assessment page.  Here, you will receive information about what is occurring each day in your child’s classroom, as well as homework for the evening, and upcoming assessments and projects.  It is easily divided between grade level classes and elective classes so that you may keep track of assignments and more importantly foster conversations between you and your child about what is occurring within the classroom. 

Once you are on the grade level page please make sure you click on the tab at the top of the document for the appropriate week. 

Thank you and we hope this assists you in continuing to follow your student’s daily learning.   

Please click the links below for the grade your child is currently enrolled.



6th Grade Classwork / Homework / Assignment Calendar


7th Grade Classwork / Homework / Assignment Calendar


8th Grade Classwork / Homework / Assignment Calendar


Electives Classwork / Homework / Assignment Calendar