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All Things BP

Brook Park Back to School Video 23-24

Please take a moment to watch the Brook Park Back to School video for all of our daily procedures. 


Brook Park Traffic Pattern

For drop off, we will be using multiple doors for safety purposes. Kindergarten students should be dropped off at their individual classroom doors. First graders and Second graders will enter Door 1. Third, Fourth and Fifth graders will enter Door 21. If you are using the car line on Raymond, your child should be on the passenger side of the car and be ready to exit as soon as you reach the drop off zone. When your child has exited, please proceed to the stop sign at 30th and Raymond. If you need to supervise your child, you should park your car in a legal parking space and walk him/her to his/her door. The school day begins promptly at 8:00 am. All children can start to enter the building at 7:45. Arriving early prevents your child from being tardy. Be sure to allow extra time when there is snow or other inclement weather. Please share this information with everyone who transports your child to school. After school pick-up will remain the same with multiple pick-up spots on Raymond. Kindergarten will be picked up by parents outside of their classroom door. First and Second graders will be picked up by Door 1. Third, Fourth and Fifth graders will be picked up by Door 21.

BP Traffic Map

Birthday Treats

Birthday treats that contain food are not allowed at Brook Park. If you would like to bring in something for your child's class to celebrate their birthday, you could bring in non-food items such as a pencil, eraser, etc. A great suggestion is also to donate a book to your child's classroom library.


Lunch Schedule

Kindergarten: 10:00-10:35
5th Grade: 10:35-11:10
1st Grade: 11:10-11:45
4th Grade: 11:45-12:20
3rd Grade: 12:20-12:55
2nd Grade: 12:55-1:30

Supply List

Please see the school supply list for the 24-25 school year.