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Kindergarten and New Student Enrollment for the 2021-2022 School Year

Kindergarten and New Student Enrollment for the 2021-2022 school year is now open! Please start the online enrollment process first, then you can bring the required documentation to the Brook Park Office between 7:30 and 3:15 or drop it in the Brook Park Drop Box outside of Door 1.

2021-2022 New Student Online Enrollment

Requirements for Enrollment


Parent/Guardian must provide:

  1. Certified Birth Certificate of student
  2. Evidence of residence submitted (minimum of four). All documents must be current

In order for us to comply with the Illinois School code, we must establish legal residence. This is also done in your best interests and that of this community. Your tax dollars support our schools and are used solely to educate the students who reside in Brookfield-LaGrange Park District 95. We appreciate your cooperation and assistance in completing this form.


Category I (one document required)

  • HOMEOWNERS: Current Mortgage statement
  • RENTERS: Current Lease agreement


Category II (three documents required)

  • Utility Bill
  • Home Insurance
  • Real Estate tax bill
  • Voter registration card
  • Driver's License or State ID (required)
  • Income tax return
  • Vehicle registration
  • Bank Statement

Category III (required prior to 1st day of student attendance)

  • Current physical examination and immunization record
  • Transfer form from the latest school showing the last day attended and grade level. Illinois State Transfer form if transferring from another Illinois public school


In Addition:

If a child has special needs, records for special placement, custodial agreements, decrees, judgments, or other documents please include them if applicable.


Early Childhood:

To be eligible for Pre-K/Early Childhood services, a child must have been in Early Intervention or participated in District 95 preschool screening and instructed to enroll.  For any Pre-K question please call Lori Balk at 708-588-8703.